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Success in Online Ministry

We are your partners in reaching people for Christ.

Your Website

A central location to tell your story and connect with people. We provide a simple to use, cloud-based web development platform for your ministry.

Your community

A community or online missionaries to support you. 

Your Value

An strategy to capitalize on the strengths of our community members. Create collaborations and develop e-products that provide value to our audiences.

Your Future

A business plan for a sustainable ministry. A e-commerce platform and support to help you finance your ministry.

Join us in our goal of reaching 1 Million people with the gospel.

Tell your story, connect, be an online missionary.

A simple way to get started.

Join our community of online missionaries

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About us

Our goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to share your story online. We aim to improve lives and bring forth change through our simple web development platform, practical methods to grow an emgaged online audiance, and afordable services.

“C7 Media” is the Media Management arm for, a private social enterprise with the mission of creating sustainable financial resources for ministries to spred the gospel. 

our 3 pillars for Success

Tell your Story

We help you find the most effective methods to share your personal story.

Provide value

Give something to your community, provide value.

Financial stability

Generate an additional income to support your ministry.

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