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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Must I have a website to do Online Ministry ?

No, just as in real life one must meet people where they are, our ministry may meet people in restaurants, at church or in the sports field. Nevertheless, it is always an advantage to invite people to visit our home or a more personal place, online, that is your website. One can not always relay on social media platforms to keep our contacts safe or distribute our content appropriately. 

Is my website safe?

Yes. We maintain our servers and software with the latest security updates and comply with all the European and American safety and privacy laws.  

Do I have to pay to access your services ?

No. Our aim is to provide the best quality of services to help you succeed in your online ministry, we offer all our services for free to online missionaries thanks to the financial support of Notwithstanding, there is an added seance of ownership and community when you become a paying member, it can be as low as 1 dollar per month, it does make a difference in reaching our goal of 1 million souls for Christ in 2020.

Can I get some help with building my website ?

Yes. We are available to assist you in any way we can, it takes us some time to individually support each online missionary but you can schedule a time with us by contacting us via the form bellow. 

Where are you located ?

Our ministry is mainly focused on developing online missionaries for Thailand, our core team is based there. 

Can anybody become a member ?

Yes. We are open to everybody with a focus on Thailand first, South East Asia second and the rest of the world after. This order also guide us in prioritizing the serve to our members. 

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